Thursday, July 21, 2011

Other Snorkel Guides

As there appears to be a dearth of good snorkeling guide information out there, I thought it might be handy to provide some links to other snorkeling guides I have found useful.  If you have have come across any good snorkeling resources and would like to share with other snorkelers, please comment and I'll add them to the list:


  • Tropical SnorkelingHusband and wife snorkeling duo share their snorkeling experiences.  Contains informative reviews and images of their snorkel trips with a focus on Hawaii, but also including the Continental US, Mexico and the Caribbean. 
  • Shore Diving Guide: Diving focused, but includes ratings and reviews of from shore diving and snorkel sites worldwide.  A bit dated, but some of the reviews are insightful.
  • ScubaBoard: A message board forum geared towards snorkeling and free diving.  I learned a lot about improving underwater photography here.


  • KASDIVI: Really more of a dive site log and guide, but has some useful descriptions and location pictures.
  • Skin Diver- Snorkeling Bonaire:  Highlights some of the popular spots on the Bonaire Snorkel Trail along with map locations.
  • Bonaire Talk: A fairly active message board forum with useful information regarding snorkeling and diving in Bonaire.




  • Hawaii Snorkeling Guide: Top level info on Maui, Oahu and the Big Island with some detailed tips and advice on sites.
  • Kauai Explorer: More a beach guide with limited snorkeling info.
  • Let's Go Hawaii: Detailed direction on where to snorkel on the Big Island

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  1. Here's another Cayman Island Snorkeling Guide:
    Also, they have a Bonaire Snorkeling Guide, too: