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SNORKELING REPORT: Sting Ray City Dive Site

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LOCATION INFO: The original Sting Ray City is located at this shallow dive site. We took the Tortuga/Red Sail dive boat out.  Cost was $40 US pp.  The trip is really geared towards divers, but they try their best to accomodate and get snorkelers involved in the action.  It is about a 10-15 minute ride over to the the site from the Kaibo Marina in Cayman Kai.  

The site is located next to the barrier reef and the cut in it that funnels the rays there.   The water depth is about 12 ft. and is usually clearer than you'll see in the pictures.  The wind direction and currents had been funneling all the crud from North Sound towards the reef all week creating the low visibility. Definitely a fantastic experience, with fewer crowds for snorkelers vs. the Sand Bar Site. 

WHAT YOU WILL SEE: The dynamics of each trip will differ depending upon whether it is snorkel or dive focused.  This trip, being dive focused, consisted of both divers and snorkelers getting off the boat and gathering on one side.  The divers down below and the snorkelers up above.  The divers gathered in a rough "feeding" circle and the the dinner bell of squid aromas was sounded.  

The rays are docile after years of human interaction and behave almost like well trained canines; but they still can put on a show when hungry.  If you are lucky enough to "somehow acquire" a piece of squid be prepared to be hounded, humped and sucked until it is rewarded.  We also snorkeled and dove (all the while followed by our pack of rays) out to try and coax Psycho II, the resident Moray Eel out from his liar.  But he was not the least bit interested.  

If you are not a diver or adept snorkeler then I would recommend you first visit the Sting Ray City Sand Bar Site where you can have an equally intimate experience with Cayman's most famous wildlife by simply wading in the shallow waters of the sand bar.  Do not leave the island without visiting one of the sites.



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