Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Above embedded map is interactive
Click the link to view the shore snorkel locations and other sites on Grand Cayman in a larger interactive map.


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***NEW*** Garmin GPS Downloads:

Not exactly sure where that hidden entrance is to Barefoot Beach? 
If you have a Garmin or other GPS device that can use .gpx files
you now have no excuse.  Here is a POI Waypoint file that provides 
route location details for many of the areas mentioned in my guides.

Have not yet tested myself, but hope to confirm its efficacy soon.
I have also included an alternative map (of the entire Caribbean) that
can be used to supplement the Cayman Islands map now included on 
the Garmin North American map sets.

Please Note: The Safari Browser may append a .gpx file to a .xml.  Firefox and Chrome will not.

    Grab your Garmin and Go!

    Share you own snorkeling experiences from the Cayman Islands in the new



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    Orcas spotted off East End

    Chef Ron, from Tukka, posted this video on his restaurant's FaceBook page. 

    He almost had a more exotic dish than Lionfish on his menu, or would he have been the one on the menu?

    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    "Stinky" the Dolphin pays a visit to the Kaibo Yacht Club Marina docks during lunch. While I was tempted to jump in and snorkel with him, some video I watched previously regarding his mating habits made me think it wouldn't be such a good idea. :)

    Sunday, September 9, 2012

    New Cayman Dive and Snorkel Site - iDive

    I came across a few posts promoting this new "social" dive and snorkel site for Cayman.  It has great hi-quality video and briefly outlines some of the dive and snorkel sites on Grand Cayman.  Currently the site is more dive-centric than snorkel focused (what else in new), but looks like it it has the potential to grow into a very useful resource.  Definitely worth checking out.